There’s more to fitness than CrossFit!

After hearing that the great and amazing Robb Wolf has some beef with CrossFit HQ (and listening to this segment of his Paleo Solution podcast and reading this post on his blog), I started poking around on strength and conditioning blogs that promote intelligent, ‘let’s not kill those who follow our programing’ strength and conditioning workouts.  Here are some of my favorites so far:

Catalyst Athletics

CrossFit Invictus

Max Effort Black Box (site is down at the moment)

I also like The Outlaw Way but I’m concerned about 1) not being interested in competing in the CrossFit Games (that seems to be what Outlaw is is geared towards), and 2) the head coach was recently arrested for beating is wife (allegedly).  Not that that means his programming is bad, but more that I dislike folks who abuse other folks.

I’m SO EXCITED that there’s more out there than the typical CrossFit gym whose programming seems thrown together and haphazard.  That’s a one way road to injury.

13 June 2013 WOD (solo ripped callus edition)

I did my first WOD all by myself today.  Here it is:

Buy in: Run 2 miles (my time: 23:24, kinda slow)

Met con:
Power snatch (I did it with 65 because my snatch is really weak right now)
Deficit pushups

This was a good one!  My time was 11:36.  My back is a little tight, but that’s nothing a little stretching won’t fix.

Also: my first ripped callus!  I used this site for info on how to fix them, and prevent them in the future.

11 June 2013 workout

Relaxed day today!  Snatch’s are hard (heh heh).  We did this:

Lift: Snatch progression (perform 5 of each exercise, in order, increasing weight with each new complex):
3x5 Snatch high pull
3x5 Snatch balance
3x5 Power snatch

WOD: (designed by Tara!):
4 rounds for time:
10 plate burpees (25/15)
10 plate situps
10 plate overhead lunches

This was a fun met con to do, and got the ol’ heart racing.  Plate burpees are fun and suck all at the same time.

09 June 2013 WOD

Nothing like a lazy Sunday.

I think one of the best things about owning your own workout equipment and taking your fitness into your own hands (rather than paying out of the nose for a gym/CrossFit box) is the ability to set your own schedule.

Today our WOD was Grace:
30 Clean and jerks for time (135#/95#)

Skill: Handstands

I completed Grace in 8:44 and did it prescribed!  It was hard.  8:44 is not a good time, but this is the beginning of what I’m hoping is a bit of a renaissance in my personal fitness.  I’m going to test again in a month and see how I’m doing.

Tara managed Grace in 10:25 at 75#.  She’s got awesome power cleans, but she needs to get her shoulder strength up.  She’s waaay better than me at handstand holds.